With over 700 translators, we not only provide services across the most commonly used languages, but we can also supply our services across more challenging markets across the globe. A full list of languages can be provided upon request. If a requirement demands a language not represented on this list, we can easily source the necessary services using our extensive reach within the translation services market.

We strive to provide a fast, efficient and cost effective service across a whole variety of content. This can range from a simple one page document through to technical publications and global advertising campaigns. Other areas where we have seen tremendous growth include the translation of videos, dynamic websites and SEO. Whilst our rates are competitive, we will never compromise the quality of our translation services. Our high retention of customers is testament to our ability in providing consistently high quality tailored solutions.

Back-translations, as well as explanations of any adapted copy, are supplied upon request along with the translations. This puts your business firmly in control of the messaging that is to be transmitted.


Transcreation is another service provided by GDLS whereby we take the essence of a company’s brand and transport it through our translation services to different countries and geographies.

This demands extensive local knowledge which requires us to recreate any requirement from the ground up in order to correctly reach the intended market, region and audience.

By understanding the culture of our clients and their desired market, combined with our expertise in
what works at a geographical level, we will work with you to ensure that any messaging generates
the maximum impact.