Designed for Audiences

The right design for a global and local audience is every bit as important as having the right message expressed well.

Our Design capability covers all aspects of print and digital marketing or technical document design. Starting with, and still doing, simple multi-lingual typesetting we’ve now grown to the point where we can also act as Creative design consultants and take you through an entire process from concept to final design and adapting it to any language or market. 
We have experienced language sensitive graphic designers, working across Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, who can either recreate your artwork for any market or create new innovative designs.


Typesetting & Design

For many of our clients a key part of our value is simply knowing that we can accurately typeset in languages as diverse as Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Russian or Tagalog. Whether it’s into existing artwork or material we’ve created, our team manage a process that includes display checks to ensure no corruptions or hyphenation issues appear during typesetting / uploading. This provides a fast turnaround with complete accuracy without losing the impact of the original material.

Creative and Concept Design

Our experience in language and culture enables us to advise our clients on whether a Globally consistent ‘look and feel’ is appropriate or whether they should adopt a more localized approach. Whatever the approach, we can provide design concepts that are designed for the audience that will view them while protecting existing brand values or making new ones.
We design to match either the content we provide or our clients’. Our global work has included:
  • Display ads and social media assets
  • Point of Sale and promotional items
  • Brochures and Booklets
  • Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Videos

Point of Sale and Packaging

We’re proud of our creative and concept designs but we don’t forget that even the best received design must work in the real world, and that sometimes our clients just need simple fixes. We’ve adapted and translated existing packaging for multi-national markets as well as creating original Point of Sales materials.