Language and Localisation

Localisation isn’t just about language, it’s about cultural fit as well. That’s why we build specialised teams around each clients’ brand. Our teams of translators and proofers, who can work in over 150 different languages and cultures, understand the brand or product and the market. 
We don’t just translate words; we take the brand or product essence and re-create, or transcreate, it appropriately for the target audience.  Our clients’ marketing and advertising departments can realistically implement global campaigns with local effectiveness.
Our uncompromising quality, and insistence on transcreation, is provided within a fast and cost-effective service, one of the reasons we have a high client retention rate.

Translation and Transcreation

Effective use of language is key to a global presence, but a soulless translation can do as much damage as good. You can make content legible in a foreign market by accurately translating the words. That may be appropriate for a set of product instructions, but not for a brand or to get across an aspiration.
We know when to translate and when to transcreate. Product warnings, instruction manuals and legislated requirements will always be accurately translated, and our processes include checking that our clients have the correct wording.
Content that is designed to promote a brand, product or idea is always re-created for the local market and audience to get across the feel behind the words.

Content Creation

Translation and Transcreation work well for existing materials. Sometimes though, it’s worth looking at new material created with a global audience in mind.
For many of our clients we’re the go-to agency to get that new content created. Our experience in global marketing across multiple industries enables us to create compelling and engaging concepts, and the copy to back them up. And our experience of delivering that content on a wide variety of platforms and channels helps us develop reusable material cost-effectively.

SEO and Topic Categories

Optimising search terms to maximise traffic is not a ‘look-up table’ activity. Like Social Media Listening it requires an understanding of terms and related terms that may well be unique to a market or geography.
Our teams have spent years understanding how SEO terms relate to their markets. We’ve worked with clients to develop entire taxonomies for SEO and listening, and we have the expertise to use the technology that underpins topic taxonomies, so if you’ve invested in such systems, we can directly interface to them. 


English may be the ‘lingua Franca’ of the business world but it is not always completely understood. Some conversations, about contracts and agreements, may simply be too important to allow for any misunderstandings. 
Our interpreters / linguists are all highly experienced, qualified and fully vetted professionals, so the quality of their work is assured. They hold a wide range of skills and abilities to meet the various requirements of our diverse range of clients, and they are available either on conference calls or in-market for face-to-face meetings.
In the same way that we insist on building teams that have market knowledge we can leverage these skills to ensure that our interpretation services will carry the nuances of the brand, product or market you operate in.