Global Franchising

In a global business environment, ensuring your products and services are launched and delivered successfully across a host of international regions is absolutely key. That is why we ensure each global region understands and engages with all of your communications on a range of levels, maintaining your brand identity worldwide.

We work with several global clients who require transcreation across different markets for both their marketing and advertising departments. GDLS collaborated for over 7 years with Curves International, catering for all their translation and design needs.


The scope of work involved handling the translation and typesetting of all their advertising and marketing materials and their websites (CurvesCommunity and MyMac), across 14 markets on a daily basis. Following their de-centralisation, we now work with Curves International Holland, as their European hub for marketing and operations projects, across Europe and Scandinavia, with the additional responsibility of multi language digital, print and video projects.