Global Franchising

There are few activities where balancing a Brand’s global and local presence are as important as in Franchising.
As the brand owner you have an absolute requirement for consistency of message to maintain and grow your brand values. The Master franchisers need to show a local understanding of their local markets to maximise their benefits – and yours.
GDLS has extensive experience in global franchising operations at a global and master franchise level. We can advise you on how to make your messaging and values global while retaining a local feel and, if required, acting as your ‘Brand Guardians’ authorising local efforts to ensure consistency and compliance.  
Our experience has led us to effectively act as our clients’ hub for franchising support services.
Our extensive work with both Franchise Owners and Master Franchisers has led to us developing specialised multi-language support packages for franchising.  Our unique franchise support services can:
  • Maximise advertising buying power down to franchisee level.
  • Introduce new revenue streams, strategic partners’ ideas, and owned media, to offset costs and add value to the overall offering.
  • Provide content harvesting and content recycling opportunities.
  • Provide a central offering and lower cost per market and support smaller markets with lower marketing budgets, making “the whole greater than the sum of its parts.”
  • Deliver monitoring of communication across all markets – to maximise messaging and brand consistency and minimise brand erosion.