Brand Monitoring and Social Media Listening 

Our 30 plus years’ experience in global business has led to us being involved not only in marketing strategy but business strategy. We understand that not every business can launch a product or brand globally or expand to every market at once. So which markets are most attractive? Are there groups of markets that can be treated similarly? Where might a new office be most cost effective for the product or service.
We can carry out feasibility studies, brand awareness and social media audits and conversation monitoring to give you the local information needed to assess opportunity. 

You need to know how well your brand or product is being received. Are there differences in perception in different geographies and cultures?  Are you meeting your brand objectives? How do you compare to your competition?
To find out, we provide Brand Monitoring and Social Media listening on the topics that matter to you.  We use keywords and topics developed with you and with the expertise of our in-market teams. We monitor and assess conversations for positive / negative emotion and sentiment, so you are kept up to date with both quantitative and qualitative analysis.
We are able to analyse data across Social, Search and other web and digital media to unearth insights for you to better satisfy your consumer needs, to inform your actions across the 6P’s of marketing and to help you grow faster than your competition.
Does your audience trust your brand? In today’s online landscape, marketers face the challenge of constantly maintaining brand safety and maintaining a mindful measure of where to place their ads and content to ensure a better online experience for their audience. Ad fraud, risky content, and fake websites are a constant worry. Today more than ever, marketers need to keep their brand reputation intact. 
There is an abundance of ‘risky’ sites out there such as extremist sites, fake news, obscene adult sites, spam, drug or tobacco promoting sites and “Malgorithms.” - ads where the contextual meaning between a page and display ad are misaligned.
Quality campaign content itself is not enough. Users are quick to decide whether or not they trust a brand based on its editorial placement. Sometimes, users formulate an opinion even before acknowledging the ad creative itself. 
With targeted SEO and using Contextual Intelligence we are able to create highly-customized content that allows marketers and their agencies to confidently:
  • Avoid unsafe content that will damage brand equity and reputation
  • Extend global audience reach by targeting the most relevant context, including late-breaking news and trending themes